Ghost Stories of Texas Institutions

Welcome to My Blog!
You could call me a “ghost writer.” Most people do. For a couple of reasons: Not only do I pen the occasional piece for friends and clients anonymously, but I also write on the subject of ghosts.

It’s a broad category, ghosts. So I’ve narrowed it down on this blog to topics which fall under the heading Institutional Ghosts. You can see from the menu at the top of this page the sub-headings I find most interesting. As a blog, this site is under a constant state of flux. And as so, its content will change from time to time.

Case in point: At the time of initial publication, Edgar Allen Poe’s mysterious and serial visitor was late for his self-appointed celebration at the author’s gravesite. As the hours ticked by, the sole celebrant kept watchers waiting until, at last, he came nevermore.

That story remained on this welcome page until 2015 when the following story took its place.

Men Hear Mystery Voice While Rescuing Baby
Monday March 9, 2015



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