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Skimming the web for interesting sites (last year!), I came across Listverse. Their section on ghost photos got me thinking (always dangerous).  But really, what exactly do ghosts look like? Guffaw if you will, it’s still a valid question and reminds me of a conversation I had as a kid. Someone (a cousin or friend or acquaintance–I forget who, but probably a cousin because mine are like that) asked if I’d ever seen a ghost. Of course I replied, “No.” Then he asked, “How do you know?” I strongly suspect that is why I don’t recall the questioner: My blood still runs cold when I think of this conversation. I mean, the thought that I had, perhaps, in fact seen a ghost!

Now…the revered and exalted (with reason) TAPS have decreed that ghosts do not float or fly through the air, that they cannot perform any feats they could not accomplish in life. How they have arrived at that criterion of ghost-ness I do not know. But going with that idea, is it possible that ghosts look like the persons they were? And if so, how would you know if you saw one?