Active Research

Bexar County Jail — Here it starts…

From “our man inside” (deputy, almost 20 years service):

Reports of footsteps (of course) in the still of the night; whispers; apparitions in the law library…witnesses include jail staff, civilian employees, inmates. Some of whom will not set foot in certain areas of the jail, not even offices, at night. Built in 1988-89 on the site of an old (still existing and active) train yard, how could one not be ravenous over such tales?

Recently the train tracks dividing N. Comal were torn up and the street repaved. The jail annex parking lot has been expanded. And train yard buildings of old–belonging to the parcel of train yard purchased by Bexar County–have been demolished to be replaced with modern structures. So much reconstruction of this area foreshadows activity. (Yes, I’ve been reading up.) Old warehouses remain on the other side of the tracks, behind the jail. But no reports are known from these locations.

I’m most curious as to the identity of these ghosts. Are they drawn to this facility? Have they remained or returned? Were they once alive and working in the train yard, loading merchandise, levering switches? Maybe these entities reveal enough of themselves or act out in a distinguishable manner so that witnesses can tell me who these souls might be. Interviews to come!


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